Friday, September 2, 2011

Go Sprint!

As anyone who knows me knows can attest, I am in love with my Droid powered Evo phone from Sprint. I've been with Sprint for over a decade and, while we've had our arguments over the years, I am still happy with my cellular provider marriage, especially since they offer the coolest phone on the market today. So I'm all about this company's growth.

Well, now it looks like the Department of Justice may have just knocked the wind out of AT&T's sail as it tried to acquire T-Mobile. (Read the story.) Sprint lobbied and marketed hard against this acquisition stating that it would leave only two companies controlling 80% of the industry: AT&T and Verizon, both of whom are dominant in trying to control mobile internet accessibility.  AT&T is, of course, requesting an expedited hearing.

Incidentally, a new Yankee Group report suggests that Sprint is well positioned to take on its major carrier rivals by providing an unlimited mobile data plan and a high level of customer service. The study points out that the company's customer-satisfaction rating continues to rise each year, averaging 7.8 out of 10 this year, compared to 7.2 last year. That puts it second only to Verizon.

So, keep it up, Sprint! You've got a great product, above average customer support (which, granted, in the cellular industry isn't saying much!) and pretty decent coverage across the country. You'll catch up to the other giants soon!

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