Thursday, September 8, 2011

Yahoo Needs a Turnaround Expert

Yahoo Needs to Grab the Mobile Bull by the You-Know-What!

Yahoo has an amazing opportunity to reinvent itself in the wake of firing Carol Bartz, former CEO. As of late, folks just don’t seem to use Yahoo as much as they used to.  I heard someone mention on National Public Radio (NPR) that they’d accidentally landed on Yahoo once or twice in the last year but otherwise had no clue what Yahoo was doing anymore.

1990’s Yahoo tv commercial
That’s tragic.  For a while, Yahoo was it!  Remember the 1990’s Yahoo tv commercials? They really did have great momentum prior to Google’s rise to glory.

But can Yahoo really hope to rise to the top again?  It’s highly unlikely that either Yahoo or Live will ever dominate, but they can certainly claim a larger slice of the pie.. and there’s LOTS of pie to go around!

What Yahoo needs now is a “turnaround specialist”, someone who can bring fresh perspective to digital information and think outside of the box.  For instance, for years now Yahoo has lagged behind in mobile marketing.

Look at what Google has done to make searching for things incredibly easy on mobile devices.  They took an aggressive stance, developing their own line of handhelds on which to use their mobile search.  Cause let’s face it – half the time we want to know something, we’re sitting around with our friends talking about favorite movies and wonder who that guy was that starred in that flick back in 1989.  We’re never in front of our computers!

And Facebook and Apple have charged into the mobile arena with great ideas (and dollar signs in their eyes), too!  Yahoo needs to do something a bit than release a digital new reader.   

So, maybe Yahoo can ask that nationally prominent executive search firm to find someone with some mobile experience.  Or… maybe they could just Google it.  

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