Friday, September 2, 2011

Shame on Microsoft

It seems Microsoft is blatantly ignoring the wishes of their Windows Phone 7 users when they check a box marked "cancel" in response to a question about whether they wish to share location information. Instead, users geographic information is being collected via the camera's phone application which is a violation of multiple state and federal laws.  Read the full story here.

You'd think that Microsoft would have been listening to all that has been going on recently with Facebook, Google and iPhone and their privacy issues. The American public is very particular about their privacy issues.

I mean, I totally understand the march forward in advancements which require geo-location information. I even personally will choose to allow much of my geo-data to be released to my carrier in exchange to better customization of my applications. But in the end, it should always be the choice of the user as to whether or not that information is shared. Most likely, when folks realize what they can gain by allowing this type of information to be released, they'll weigh the pros and cons in a different light.

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